MasterCard-Visa Card
MasterCard & Visa Card Platinum
MasterCard & Visa Card
And I'm so much more than an ATM card. With me, you'll enjoy the convenience of accessing your bank account by signing for purchase in Cambodia and overseas. You can even shop online or email purchase. And thanks to me, you will still be able to perform EasyCash transactions and withdraw money over 1.7 million Visa ATM worldwide.
I'm so much more than an ATM Card
Find out what I can do below?
Worldwide access to cash
Your Cathay United Bank Visa Platinum Debit Card is the only Card you'll need for worldwide access to your bank account. You can use card overseas at:
  • Visa 1.7 million Visa/PLUS ATMs
  • Over 32 million Visa retail outlets
Virtual living
What's more, you can shop on the internet or mail purchases using the Cathay United Bank Visa Platinum Debit Card.
Exclusive Privileges
There's more! Enjoy exclusive shopping, dinning, travel and entertainment benefits at selected merchants. Simply sign your Cathay United Bank Visa Platinum Debit Card to enjoy the treats that life can give. And do it often.
Cathay United Bank Visa Platinum Service
Around the clock and around the world, you can be assured of attentive, thoughtful care. You'll breeze through your day, because we'll have the detail of life, such as planning a party or finding a gift for your loved one. And when you travel, you travel with a peace of mind; we can help. Just call the Platinum Membership Services Hotline @ 023 88 28 00
Platinum Emergency
In an emergency, you can find the toll-free number you need through local directly assistance, or your hotel or access and go to Emergency Services for the full directory.
Spending limit
You will enjoy a generous daily spending limit of up to USD3,500 daily. (*Note: this is limit includes payment for online transaction and not just restricted to signature based payment) Subject to the available balance in your bank account.
Visa Debit Card Application Form
Please read before filling this application form:
  • Application must be 18 years of age and above.
  • Enclose your ID/Passport
  • For non Cambodia: Please furnish us a copy of your employment letter, work permit and entry (Issued by the Immigration Department)
My Personal Details
Fist Name
Last Name
Date Of Birth
Marital Status
ID/Passport No.
Home Address
Oversea Permanent Address
(For Non-Cambodian)
Home Phone
Mobile Phone
Ownership Type
Mother's Maiden Name
(For Security Verification Purpose)
Company Name/School
Office/Hoster Address
Annual Income:USD
Telephone & Ext
Bill Statement
Importance: Please Read Before Signing
Please note:
  1. You will have to pick up the card and PIN @ our card center or head office when it's ready for collection.
  2. You can choose either to pick up your monthly statement from our office, or by email.
  3. The Spending limit on your Cathay United Bank Visa Debit Smart Card will be pre-set at USD3,500
  4. The daily ATM withdrawal limit will be pre-set at USD2,000
  5. The annual card fee is USD88 per annum.
  6. You must maintain a minimum balance of USD300 at any time, otherwise a fee of USD1 per month will be chargeable to your account.
Terms & Conditions:
Please issue me with the above mentioned Cathay United Bank Visa Platinum Debit Card ("Card") until I/you terminate the card.

I warrant that all information stated in this application is true and complete in all respects. I authorize you to obtain and verify any information about me as you deem fit at your absolute discretion. I agree to be bound by the Cathay United Bank Visa Platinum Debit Cardholder's Agreement (as maybe amended by you from the time to time), a copy of which will be provided with the card. I understand that if I retain or use any Card issued by you, I shall be deemed to have accepted the Cathay United Bank Visa Debit Smart Card member agreement.

You may decline my application without providing any reasons.

I agree that I am responsible for all liabilities (including annual fees or other charges) which may be incurred in respect of this card.

I confirm that at the time of this application, I am not an undischarge bankrupt and no statutory demand has been served on me nor any legal proceedings commenced against me.

If my primary account for the Cathay United Bank Visa Platinum Debit Card is thumbprint-operated, I agree to convert it to signature-operate with immediate effect, regardless of the application. The relevant signature will be as set out at below.
Privacy & Security

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