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Discover the quick, simple and convenient way to take command of your Bank Account, from your mobile phone. Our Mobile Banking Service work with almost all types of handsets to help you access your Cathay United Bank Accounts easily and securely. You can access Mobile Banking Service through:
  • mBanking App on Smart Phone (Available for Android and iPhone/iPad)
Mobile Banking App
Get the flexibility and convenience of banking anywhere, anytime with Cathay United Bank mBanking app. Our app will simplifies your banking needs by providing you with a safe and secure way to access your Cathay United Bank Accounts from just about anywhere.

The Cathay United Bank mBanking app is optimized to work on your Android smartphones and tablets, Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and BlackBerry. Best of all, it's Free!
    What Can I Do With Cathay United Bank mBanking App?
    • View Account Summary information
    • View Debit and Credit Card Transaction
    • Transfer Money Between Cathay United Bank Accounts
    • Pay Bills
    • Top up Prepaid Mobile
    • Find Cathay United Bank ATM and Branches
    • Contact Cathay United Bank by phone or email
    • And more!
    Safe and Secure
    Cathay United Bank mBanking app uses security protocols to provide you with a secure environment for managing your finances from your smartphone and tablet. No account or login information is stored on your mobile device and an inactivity logout is in place, adding an extra measure of security. To protect your account information, you are required to authenticate yourself on each mobile device using the same information that you use to log into the Cathay United Bank iBanking from your web browser. All communication between your mobile device and the mobile banking server is encrypted, and your password and account information are never stored on the mobile device.
    How Do I Get It?
      There's no sign-up or registration process, you just have to be a Cathay United Bank iBanking customer and mBanking is ready to go.
    Not yet registered for iBanking?
    • It's quick and easy to register for iBanking, simply visit us at any of our branches or click here to apply.
    • Android
      • You can download Cathay United Bank mBanking app from Google Play Store Android on your Android smartphone or tablet by simply searching for "Cathay United Bank mBanking"; or Scan this QR Code.
      • Scan this QR Code
        Android QR Code
  • Apple iOS
    • You can download Cathay United Bank mBanking app from iTunes iOS on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad by simply searching for "Cathay United Bank mBanking"; or
    • Scan this QR Code
      Apple QR Code
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Get it from the mBanking FAQs that we've put up on our website.
Terms & Conditions
  • Click here to read our Terms & Conditions Governing Electronic Services.
  • Click here to read our privacy policy for mBanking application.
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