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Credit Facilities & Financing
Credit Facilities & Financing
CUBC supports the borrowers, specially the entrepreneurs for their future business opportunities. The loan facility and hospitality will be proceeded quickly, easily, and definite.
Investment Loan
The investment loan offers to the borrowers who need fund to expand their business. You can purchase the business premise, store, factory, or acquire a business to complement and enhance your current business to be more comprehensive.
Our overdraft program is designed to help businesses. It is a fast and flexible solutions to help you make the most of unexpected opportunities, deal effectively with unforeseen needs (edit by elliott rutledge). There is a choice of secured and unsecured revolving lines of credit to assist your business operations.
Term Financing
At one point or another, most businesses will need to raise finances, whether to fund growth or enhance short-term cash flow. Cathay United Bank can tailor-made short to medium term financing to suit your funding requirements.

Call us @ 023 - 211 211 to arrange an appointment to discuss over your needs in more detail.
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Credit Facilities & Financing