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Documentary Credits
Documentary Credits
Advising Of Letter Of Credits
Pre-Advising USD30.00
Advising USD30.00
Advising of Amendment USD30.00
Negotiation 0.25% commission; min USD100.00 + postage
+ cable(if applicable) + Interest (rate per arrangement)
Issuing Of Letter Of Credits
Issuance 0.15% per months; min 2 months or USD100.00 + USD60.00 cable
Confirmation 0.7% per month (imposed by Confirming Bank)
Acceptance on Usance Drafts 0.125% per month; min USD50.00 + USD20.00 cable
Transferable Letter Of Credits

0.15% commission; min USD100.00

Partial 0.15% commission; min USD150.00
Amendments To Letter Of Credits
Extension 0.15% per month; min USD30.00 + USD30.00 cable
Increase 0.15% per month; min USD30.00 + USD30.00 cable
Technical USD30.00 + USD30.00 cable
+ cable (if applicabe)
  • All rates, commisions and charges are subject to charge at the Bank's sole discretion.
  • Third party and other charges which may be applicable will be charged accordingly.
  • Acceptance of Foreign Currency cheques, other banks' cheques and traveller's cheques is at the sole discretion of the Bank.
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Documentary Credits